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Awaken your senses at the Heavenly Spa Hamburg

You develop your beauty with us. Enjoy a wellness manicure and then have your eyebrows shaped. Do you have an appointment in town or would you like to have your make up done for an Elbphilharmonie concert? We offer you a Beauty & Spa portfolio that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Mother´s Day Special

Skinovage Facial and Day Spa for two


213 EUR

Treat your mother to an exclusive Mother's Day special, available throughout the month of April and May. 


Our Mother's Day Special includes: 

  • A shared and deeply relaxing facial treatment with BABOR's SKINOVAGE products to tone and refresh your skin's complexion.
  • Two glasses of sparkling wine in our Tea Lounge
  • Day Spa for two


We look forward to your booking via 040 8000 10 3900.

Brazilian Sculpt & Fit

Our Brazilian Sculpt & Fit Package is more than just a way to transform your body - it is about feeling strong, healthy and confident in your own skin. Let's work together to strengthen your body and let your inner beauty shine. 


The package includes: 


  • a 10 week transformation program 
  • 1 personal training for one hour per week
  • an individual traning plan for your independent training
  • 1 Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage per week for legs and belly
  • full spa membership during the 10 weeks including workouts and use of the swimming pool
  • individual nutrition and dietary supplement plan for calorie reduction and muscle maintenance


Price: 1,998 Euro plus 50 Euro one-time fee for an individual nutrition and dietary supplement plan


Please call us at 040 8000 10 3900 for further information or booking. 


Our recommendation

My Skin-Routine Facial


Experience a special facial with our premium products from Babor and have your skin professionally analyzed and individually treated by our beauty expert.


The Skinovage products (cleansing set, 3x ampoule, 1x Skinovage serum and 1x cream) matched to your analysis will be applied to your Facial and given to you as a gift after the treatment for use at home, so that you can upgrade your Skincare routine with the products and the acquired know-how.


A Facial with learning effect.


Price: 148 Euro incl. champagne reception, analysis and products.


Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a therapeutic work from Japan, that works on a mental, physical and spiritual level. During the treatment, the Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the universal life energy, which flows to the Reiki recipient through his or her hands placed on or held over the body. Reiki can strengthen the basic trust and connection with the whole cosmos. At the same time, Reiki activates the body's self-healing powers and thereby supports the healing process of body and mind.

50 MIN                  90 EUR

Group Snippet 1
Private Suite

Experience our spa suite in complete privacy. Relax in the whirlpool, sauna or steam bath. Enjoy the exclusive relaxation area with a bottle of champagne and fresh fruits.

Bookings for groups on request.


1 hour/2 persons               298 EUR
2 hours/2 person               348 EUR
3 hours/2 persons              398 EUR


Additional costs per person (max. 8)  40 EUR

Tea Lounge
Day Spa

Visit our spa and use our fitness and relaxation area with sauna, steam bath and pool. Freshen up with some flavored water or tea.

Towel, bathrobe and slippers are included.


Monday to Friday 

1 day                   40 EUR



1 day                   55 EUR


Our spa is designed to be barrier-free and wheelchair accessible, with elevators to all areas and no stairs to ensure unrestricted access for all guests.


You should not give up your usual workout during your trip. We offer you countless possibilities for this.


Westin Workout

Whether treadmills, elliptical cross trainers or a workout at the multi-training station, our Westin Workout Studio offers our sport-enthusiastic guests an extensive fitness experience.


Personal Training

Work out with a personal trainer who will help you on your way to achieving your personal goals.



Please let us know your training preferences and book a personal training appointment via email or phone.

Our workouts

Monday, 05.45 pm - 6.30 pm


Belly-Leg-Hips combines an effective power and endurance training with simple rhythmic exercise choreographies to matching music. You will learn correct techniques for toning and strengthening problem areas. The hip and knee joints are stabilized, so this training is also recommended for those with back problems.


Tuesday, 5.45 pm - 6.45 pm 

Zirkel Fit

Zirkel Fit is a varied full-body workout that includes both endurance and strengthening elements. Different exercises from the areas of functional training, classic strength training with your own body weight and small equipment as well as interval training guarantee variety and a lot of fun in the group. 


Wednesday, 5.45 pm - 6.45 pm

Salsa Fitness

Dance fitness to upbeat Latin music such as salsa, merengue, bachata and samba. Experience is not required.


Thursday, 5.45 pm - 6.45 pm


Pump is the healthiest kind of "after work party" and will take your body, health and performance to a new level. The full body workout with the barbell strengthens the muscles, burns body fat sustainably and increases your performance. 


Friday, 8.00 am - 9.00 am

Zirkel Fit

Zirkel Fit is a varied full-body workout that includes both endurance and strengthening elements. Different exercises from the areas of functional training, classic strength training with your own body weight and small equipment as well as interval training guarantee variety and a lot of fun in the group. 


Friday, 4.45 pm - 5.45 pm


Breath, body and mind are brought into harmony with each other. The goal is to focus on the inner self, whether in challenging Vinyasa or relaxing Yin Yoga.


Please note that there are no workouts on holidays.

Brazilian Lymph Drainage

The lymph drainage is a manual massage technique that acts on the lymphatic system, stimulating it to work quickly by transporting the lymph to the central lymph nodes. 


The Brazilian method adopts massage techniques from the drainage, which also adds massage contouring and myofascial release for ultimate slimming effects and wellness treatments. 


- Activates the lymph system 

- Flat stomach in 60 minutes 

- Improved well-being for body and mind

- Shapes and detoxes your body


The benefits of Brazilian lymph drainage: 

The main advantage of drainage is to reduce swollen regions. Drainage increases lymphatic flow, promoting faster removal of excess fluid and improving the immune system through the important elimination of toxins. In combination with other treatments, it helps to reduce edematous cellulitis and brings physical and mental relaxation, promoting immediate well-being as well. 


Book your appointment: 

Tel: 017662317547

Instagram: @brasilianischelymphdrainage


We offer swimming lessons in cooperation with the Sylter Swim Academy and would be happy to welcome you soon.


For more information and to make an appointment, please contact:

Travel Light. Stay Motivated.

Work out and recover with our fitness kits. 


Your routine just got easier with our Westin® Gear Lending program.Our fitness kits give you the latest equipment for workouts and recovery to help you stay active. 


  • Sculpt & Flow Kit by Bala
  • Recover & Recharge Kit by Hyperice
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